How to get a Sling TV free trial?

The free trial version of Sling TV gives you time to run tires on the streaming service. Tired of paying a lot of money for live TV broadcasts? The free…

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Download netflix movies and videos

How to download Netflix movies and videos?

Netflix is ​​a streaming service that allows users to watch various movies and TV shows on devices connected to the Internet. Netflix offers 3 membership packages for users with different…

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How to Use Picture in Picture on Your iPhone

How to use iPhone picture-in-picture in iOS 14

Apple has introduced images in iPad images on iOS 9. Since then, users have been trying to reach the iPhone. With iOS 14, Apple finally gave us its wishes. PIP…

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connect your Samsung smart TV to Alexa

How to connect your Samsung smart TV to Alexa?

Today’s world is connected, thanks to smart devices that control everything from your thermostat to your TV. One of the newest ways to connect technology is to use Amazon Alexa…

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Best iPhones in 2020 | Social Web Hint

The smartphone market is busier than ever – there are many choices, almost too many. By the time you read this feature, you have at least limited your options for…

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top wireless earbuds

10 Best Wireless Earbuds for 2020

The era of wired headphones with annoying wires slowly coming to an end. Thanks to constant technological advancements, we now have wireless headphones. So if you are a person who…

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How can I fix the Amazon Echo alarm so it doesn't turn off

How can I fix the Amazon Echo alarm so it doesn’t turn off?

Smart speakers are cool until they have their own brains. Imagine telling an intelligent speaker to do something and do the opposite. Such problems occur with Amazon Echo, where the…

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PS5: release date, price, specifications, games and more

PlayStation always offers more for the AV world than just games. Over the years, he has had success with DVD, Blu-ray and 4K streaming. What will the PlayStation 5 offer…

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How to Stop Buffering on Your Firestick

How to Stop Buffering on Your Firestick?

A slow connection is the most common reason to stop buffering on your firestick. You only need a bandwidth of 5 Mbit / s for SD video buffer, 10 Mbit…

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Pair Your Amazon Fire Stick

How to Pair Your Amazon Fire Stick Remote?

One of the best ways to stream TV shows, online movies, or shows without limits is to use the Amazon Fire TV Stick. However, it seems that your TV is…

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