PS5: release date, price, specifications, games and more

PlayStation always offers more for the AV world than just games. Over the years, he has had success with DVD, Blu-ray and 4K streaming. What will the PlayStation 5 offer at launch? Will this be an 8K engine? Does it still support optical media? When is the PS5 release date? How much does PS5 cost? We can answer a few questions below, but there is still important information to be disclosed. At least we already know that there will be a live YouTube event with PS5 games on Thursday 4th June.

One particular news from Sony is that we have finally released one of the secrets, and that is the PS5 controller called the DualSense controller, and it is very good. It is also hoped that we will have more information about the PS5 launch title in a few weeks. Leading PlayStation console architect and maker Mark Cherny started the ball in an interview in April 2019 and has since progressed to what we can expect from a game console in October with Sony CEO Jim Ryan.

Let’s break the ps5 price and release date details here.

PS5 price and release date 

PlayStation Price 

In Ps5 Price and release date section PS5 prices will likely be below prices by the end of 2020. Original PlayStation and PS2 will start from GBP 299 / USD 299, PS3 will start from GBP 425 / GBP 499 and newer PS4 will be available at £ 350/399. A reasonable assumption for the current PS5 is that it will be just above the PS4, maybe around £ 499 / $ 499.

However, this type of extrapolation may not be entirely accurate. A trade war between China and America can affect production and shipping. In fact, Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft jointly warned of a price increase in June 2019 if the trade war continued. Enjoy this in your free time.

The result could mean a much more expensive device, another reason why two consoles might be launched – the expensive PS5 Pro and the cheaper PS5. According to YouTuber ReviewTechUSA, the price difference is between $ 100 and $ 150.

According to Bloomberg, Sony has a significant problem in maintaining PS5 prices. This is because the cost of components in DRAM and NAND flash memory, which specifically shows the cost of smartphone manufacturers for the next generation of devices. The result is said to be a production price of $ 450 (£ 350), which will result in a higher sales ticket. So many rumours are spreading against the PS5 price and release date. They already revealed the ps5 price and release date details over the internet earlier.

PlayStation 5 release date

After months of rumors, Sony has confirmed the ps5 price and release date in Holiday 2020, and has placed wings between the PS5 and the new Xbox Series X for Christmas 2020.

Previously, in an interview with Wired, Cherny had only said that PlayStation 5 would not be available until April 2020. Now the company has finally begun recording by releasing PS5 at the end of the year, which was confirmed at CES 2020.

As for the official launch, Sony might have stopped the E3 2020 for a big opening, but COVID-19 has done it for this conference. Sony can choose to launch its own event around the same time in June, or maybe actually wait until the GDC virtual 2020 in August

Fortunately, Sony has so far said that the coronavirus pandemic did not lead to the expected PS5 release date in late 2020, but that the epidemic could cause problems in game production.

Whenever the time comes, there are rumors that the console can be launched at an event called “Playstation Meeting 2020”. OK, pay attention.

Every time it appears, Sony’s goal is to continue to grow. Before the coronavirus, sales of six million units were planned for March 2021. These plans would definitely shift, but the numbers would certainly remain the same even if this date needed to be recalibrated.

Game consoles are mostly sold at very small margins, if any, and Sony will try hard to restore content and services. The more PS5 the company has, the faster this can happen.

PlayStation 5: Specs – SSD Storage

According to the March 2020 PSN update from Cerny, internal SSDs are the most requested feature by game developers, and this is expected to be confirmed by PS5. According to Cerny, it offers loading speeds 100 times faster than hard drives, which means no screens, very fast streaming and very fast loading speeds.

In fact, streaming is obviously so fast that the game can load all the graphics and textures behind online players faster than players can go through.

Internal SSD capacity isn’t mentioned (maybe because there will be many choices), but Cerny insists that storage can be expanded by adding M2 M2 to third parties.

The trick is you have to adjust the PS5 slot and special connectors and reach the minimum speed so as not to slow down the new PS5 game. Interestingly, Cerny said the discs tested so far did not meet Sony’s minimum specifications, but were expected to do so by the end of the year. After commissioning, specific recommendations are offered.

PlayStation 5: accessories

The expiration of the patent on November 5, 2019 may have just been seen on the first PS5 accessory. A sketch of a mysterious cassette for the expandable SSD memory module was created.

On the one hand, the memory module is not new to the PlayStation console, but with simple input, an external device slot can be a game changer when talking to units of 500 GB or more. Instead of just storing game data and other media, memory for game libraries can be offered instead.

This eliminates the need to buy a PS5 with a large hard drive and can make it a much cheaper console. At the end of this mindset comes the affordable entry-level PlayStation 5 idea that gamers can expand to fit when needed. This certainly fits Mark Cherny’s promise to charge at lightning speed.

Which PlayStation 5 game has been announced?

Expect many announcements to be released in 2020, but there is little official Sony data on PS5 titles. However, the latest edition of the official PlayStation magazine has previewed the PS5 game in the upcoming July 2020 edition, which will be launched at the store on June 2.

With a regular magazine deadline, this could mean that the title of the PlayStation 5 launch and maybe even the PS5 console will appear around May.

It is possible that all types of launch titles will be announced at E3 2020. With pressure from this week, announcements of PS5 games may no longer appear in droves or splinters, or even in large numbers, in May / June. Ubisoft joked with Assassin’s Creed for PS5. Will other people follow?

CD Projekt Red, the popular developer of the Witcher franchise, has confirmed that the dystopian Cyberpunk 2077 game in the future will be developed for next-generation consoles, which will no doubt include PS5.

Godfall is another confirmed title from PS5 and we also know that it will be available exclusively for the PlayStation platform. Godfall is a fantastic role play and the first title described is “Looters-Slasher”. It was developed by the team behind Borderlands, Gearbox Publishing, and Counterplay Games. Watch the Godfall video in this game to experience PS5 graphics and the magic of gameplay.

Apart from this, these are all conjectures made at this time. However, there is a lot of talk about liking the post-apocalyptic adventure of The Last of Us: Part 2, Starfield, the new space RPG from Bethesda Studios, and the subsequent series of Bethesda’s epic fantasy, The Elder Scrolls 6.

Other games that have been long awaited, but may be waiting for the next wave of console launches, are The Adventure of Feudal Japan, The Ghost of Tsushima, and Hideo Kojima’s next project, Death Strange.

According to the PS5 leak on August 13, Ghost of Tsushima is a safe bet and will be exclusive to PS5. It is unclear whether it will be ready by the developer Sucker Punch if released anyway.

Another decent bet is for the very popular racing franchise from Polyphony Digital. According to Kazunori Yamauchi, game developer, updates to support the GT Sport company in 2020 will “become somewhat far apart”. This could be a decent indication that the effort instead focuses on the Gran Turismo 7 which was released as the PS5 title – enough to pump gasoline hearts with nitro.

We hope to take a closer look at some of the big titles released on PS5 during the special live event on Thursday, June 4

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